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Keitai Deka 3: The Movie (2011)

Kai (Aya Omasa), Mei (Azusa Okamoto) and Yui (Anri Okamoto) are high school students. The three girls are also detectives and they solve cases using their reasoning abilities. It’s also a secret that these girls are detectives. One day, the three high school girls receive a call from Kazuhiro Nanba of the Metropolitan Police Department Kazuhiro Nanba. A letter was received in which the writer threatened to kill the popular idol group Morning Mutsume. Kai, Mei and Yui go to the Morning Mutsume concert to guard them. After the concert, Mei is with members of Morning Mutsume on the tour bus, but Mei suddenly disappears.
Quality: Dvdrip
Size: 350mb

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