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Rango (2011)

In the back of a small car, in a small aquarium, resides a small, unnamed chameleon (Johnny Depp). The only living creature in his 'environment,' Rango has fancied himself as an actor, with several inanimate object as his friends and fellow thespians. In his self-contained world, Rango's 'friends' tell him that even though he fancies himself a hero, he needs a challenge.
The world goes awry when something in the road causes the car to jolt, and the chameleon and his aquarium fly out the back of the vehicle he's in, shattering to the ground. Getting up, the chameleon sees an armadillo in the road, it's mid-section squashed in by a tire. The creature asks for help to get to the other side, and the chameleon assists. Not being used to the heat, the chameleon asks the armadillo where he can find water. The creature tells him he can find it in dirt, a day's journey away.

Quality: Dvdscr
Size: 400mb

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